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We will produce Custom Targets for you!

Please place your order by clicking on the link below. A drop down with all the options will show on the next page. Include the one-time setup fee for each target design. After the order has been placed, send the photo/file to Sales with Custom in the subject line. Include your phone number in your email. It will take one day to layout and test print the target(s). We will contact you at that time with more information.

Mail delivery is normally 2-8 days, depending on your location. The PDF targets will be sent immediately upon completion of the layout process. Often, we can provide a photo for you if you do not have one available. Include your photo needs in your email or phone call. 

Targets are printed on #70 offset paper which is slightly heavier than #24 printer paper with a 98% brightness rating. Please email Sales for more information.There is a one-time set up charge of $9.99 per image/target design. We will save the original(s) for one year from the date of the last order. Shipping is free.

Please feel free to phone 321-338-8698 or email Sales, if you have any questions.

A few recent samples

shotpats     dutch    dutch-WO    15-342    15-342-WO  Dutch Wanted  Dutch Wanted  Wanted Dutch B&W

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