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Our Founder

Our Founder

Our Founder

Our Founder, Dutch, with his wife Judy.

Dutch first started shooting when his Dad bought him a Remington, bolt action, single shot, 22 for his 8th birthday. From that day on, all he wanted to do was shoot. His love of the sport continues to this day. During all those years, he has taught more people than he can remember how to shoot and shoot well. If you want to learn, all you have to do is ask.

His best student was his wife. She doesn’t need his instruction any longer. She went from never firing a gun in her life, to hitting the ten inch center, at twenty feet, with his 380 Beretta, in less the thirty minutes. Most of that time spent on safety and magazine reloading. How? She wasn’t doing well at first, until he said, "Put the face of the man you hate most on that target." It worked for her and many others since that day with Judy. That thought lead to the beginning of InSite Targets! Hanoi Jane Fonda was Dutch’s first target design for InSite Targets. Tells you how highly he thinks of her.

In his younger years, he raced motocross and gran prix motorcycles, played harps (harmonicas) and sang with several bands, served as a firefighter, shot trap at ATA events, shot at a few National Invitational trapshoots - his highest finish was twelfth in his last National, and the list goes on.

Both Dutch and Judy love their three, good size, rescue dogs. They pay the bills for the house only so their dogs will allow them to live in the house and feed them. “If they had thumbs, they wouldn’t need us at all.” There is never a dog (or a pistol) far from his side. When you walk into his office, you better look down, to see which sleeping dog you’re going to trip over today or have to move out of a chair.

Both are very strong advocates of our Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Fraternal Order of Eagles.