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More Helpful Information and Links

Have a great idea for a target design?


Briefly describe your idea in an email to Dutch. If he likes the idea and wants to use it, he will contact you before going any further. If he uses your idea, you will receive a free 24 pack of your target and any other target pack you would like to receive. All on us!!


Careers At InSite Targets

InSite Targets is always interested in reviewing resumes of qualified individuals to strengthen our support and sales staff. Our support positions are all located in Titusville, FL and are all payroll, 8-5 positions.
The sales positions are all full or part time, commission based, telecommute or your local area sales, in most areas of the country.
If you are a gun person or veteran of the military or law enforcement and have an excellent working knowledge of computers and the internet, please email your resume to Careers.

Retail Catalog

Download our Retail Catalog in PDF format. Please be aware that our PDF catalog may not have all the up-to-the-minute information that is available on this site. This is a large file.


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Useful Links

Girls in the Outdoors - A  Colorado based company that encourges women to enjoy shooting sports and the outdoors

National Association of Gun Rights - Strong Advocates of the Second Amendment

National Rifle Association - Just Join

Florida Carry - Dedicated to Defending Florida's Right to Carry Laws

United States Gun Laws By State - Very Helpful if Traveling

Lynden Huggins - A good Outdoors Site

Stores that ban carrying: Target, Macys, Bealls, GoodYear Auto Centers, Jared Jewelers, Ron Jon Surf Shop, Play-It-Again-Sports, AMC Theaters, Publix Grocery Stores, 7-Eleven, Toys "R" Us, Costco, and Ikea.

Here is the best "NO-Sense company...Associate Properties... No Carry on any of their properties. Yet they rent store fronts to gun shops.