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Dealer Account Information

Great news for Dealers. We have significantly streamlined the process of opening a Dealer account. Simply go to InSiteTagets.com and click Sign In, located in the upper right corner. Click Register Now. Fill out the VERY short form and click Create account. A minute at most.

We will receive notification of the account, activate your account as a Dealer account, activate your discount and send you an email when all is ready to use. This is normally accomplished within a few minutes between 9am and 5pm ET, M-F. Give us thirty minutes to allow for a higher than normal volume and other requests. As soon as you receive the email you are ready to go. Simply sign in again and start a Cart or retrieve Shopping List. Your discount will be reflected in your Cart. Please phone 321-338-8698 if you have any problems.

Download our Master Dealer Catalog. This is a large file - Approximately 28 megs.

Ordering online will keep you current on all our new releases and current Special offers. 

It will always provide the best discount, and free shipping on every order. Pay at check out using your PayPal account or by credit/debit card through the PayPal system. A PayPal account is NOT needed. Sign-in to your dealer account and all the information needed for any order form during checkout will be auto-filled for you with the exception of credit card information.

Bulk target orders (no packaging): Use the single target selection. Quantities can be adjusted in the shopping cart.

Excel order forms may be requested by email Sales Simply fill out the order form and email to Sales. We will contact you, by phone, for credit/debit card information. Orders may be placed by phone, if you prefer.

Most orders are shipped next business day.

Return Policy

We will replace any item damaged in shipping, printing errors, incorrectly shipped or of unacceptable quality according to printing standards. To receive a replacement, email Sales or phone 321-338-8698. Please include your account number, product number(s) and quantity when emailing, or have the information available when contacting us by phone.

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